It is becoming more apparent to our customers that Carson & Roberts has the Equipment, Experience and the Personnel to complete even the toughest drills. The terrain proved no match for Carson & Roberts Drill crew in Jersey Shore Pa.

Installation in Chief pipeline/spread. In summer 2010, OZ Direction Drilling was contracted by Otis Eastern to provide 4 HDDS for the Poor Shot Natural Gas Pipeline in Mifflin Township, Lycoming County, PA. Subsequently OZ partnered with Carson & Roberts to complete these 12″ drills for gas transmission. A total of 4 drills has kept Carson & Roberts busy. The steep terrains and the confined drilling accesses have added to the complexity of the drills.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary

Owner: Chief Gathering LLC, A midstream Subsidiary of Chief Oil & Gas, Dallas Texas
Principal: Trevor Rees Jones
Project: Chief Pipeline
Designer: Mctisch, Kunkel and Associates Montoursville PA
Location: Mifflin Township, PA
Pipeline Contractor: Otis Eastern Service Inc, Wellsville, NY
Project Manager: OZ Directional Drilling, Scottsdale, AZ
HDD Contractor: Carson Corporation, Lafayette NJ
Pipe Size/Length: 900 LF 12” steel pipe
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill 900′ (first of 4 drills)

Carson Corporation Contact:
Bob Carson (201) 230-4686
[email protected]

“Typically the first drill in a string of drills like this project is always the toughest., says Carson & Roberts Owner and President Dan Carson. We were faced with a “1400′ deep embankment with a 300′ vertical drop” just to get to our drill point.” “It became apparent we needed to be a bit innovative with our approach.” Carson states. Each piece of equipment was lowered via cable tied off on a Caterpillar D-8 dozer. It was a slow process at first but workers managed to move all equipment including a 50′ equipment trailer, Tulsa Rig Iron Recycler, Mud Pump, two drill steel flat beds, an American Auger DD140 Drill Rig, Finally we skidded down another pump and a Cat 325 CL”. For a water source Carson’s crew fitted a 20000 gallon frac tank at the top of the embankment to 1400′ of 4″ poly. The gravity pressure supplied plenty of water to the drilling operation. The pilot hole was completed in several days of drill time and the final ream pass was completed and pipe pulled within 2 weeks of arriving on site.