When the first stick went in the ground on a Thursday Carson & Roberts DD140 Drill crew knew they had a chance to move quickly. How quickly is truly remarkable. Five days later on Tuesday the gasline was pulled in and demobilization completed the next day! The Drill crew quickly linked 1,488 LF of 6″ steel pipe designed to transport gas in the Updike Final Alignment for Cheasapeake Energy Corporation.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary

Owner: Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Project: Updike Final Alignment
Designer: Hanover Engineering Associates
Location: West Burlington Township, PA
Pipeline Contractor: Otis Eastern Service Inc, Wellsboro, NY
Project Manager: OZ Directional Drilling, Scottsdale, AZ
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette, NJ
Pipe Size/Length: 1,488’ steel pipe
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill 1,488’

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson (201) 230-4686
[email protected]

When asked what was remarkable about this drill Carson & Roberts President and Owner Dan Carson explained. “Not only did our crew complete the job in a timely, efficient manner, they had to work in the harsh winter environment of the Marcellus Shale region.” It turns out that when the crew first arrived on site the temperature was a frosty -5 degrees. Tough temperature to do anything let alone drill into the earth. Fortunately, the crew was rewarded with an unseasonably warm 60 degree day upon completion of the drill. With Project Managers pleased with the job, Carson & Roberts workers are off to the next project.