October 2011 – Carson & Roberts completed the Princeton Solar Project extending a conduit to the existing power infrastructure. Carson & Roberts was contracted by J. Fletcher Creamer and Sons to complete the Horizontal Directional Drill and pull in the conduit. This drill is significant because Princeton University’s Solar Photo Voltaic field can now be directly linked to campus.

Installation in Princeton University’s Solar PV infrastructure. Initial mobilization into Princeton University started late in the first week of October, 2011. Pull back was completed 7:30 pm on Tuesday October 18th. The conduit now runs 1998 feet under a canal and under Carnegie Lake from West Windsor. The next stage of the project to be completed by the University will be installing a Hybrid cable that will include both 13kV power feeder and fiber optic communication cable.

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: Princeton University, Princeton NJ

Project: Princeton Solar PV
Location: Princeton Township, West Windsor, Mercer County NJ
Pipeline Contractor: J. Fletcher Creamer and Sons
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette NJ
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies
Pipe Size/Length: 1988 LF 6″ HDPE UL listed butt fused pipe
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill

Carson & Roberts Contact: Bob Carson (201) 230-4686 [email protected]

“Anticipating the high exposure and eliminating any potential pitfalls in Princeton we utilized a 11″ drilling head capable of between 4000 and 18000 PSi.” says Carson & Roberts Owner and President Dan Carson. ‘This eliminated the the need for multiple ream passes and handled Mercer County’s red shale with ease.” Once again Carson & Robert’s experience, equipment and the Drilling Crew’s hard work made for another successful Drill.