April 2012

SouthWestern Energy’s Martins Creek Water Conveyance Line

After rolling off two Horizontal Directional Drills for Talisman/Precision Pipeline / OZ Directional Drilling in the Marcellus Shale Region, Carson & Roberts DD140 crew moved their rig to Brooklyn, PA for their next project.

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: Southwestern Energy Company – Houston, TX
Consulting Engineer: URS Corporation – Fort Washington, PA
Project: Martins Creek Water Conveyance Line
Location: Martins Creek – Brooklyn Township, Susquehanna County, PA
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette, NJ
Pipe Supplier: Crestwood Tubular – St. Louis, MO
Pipe Size/Length: 1,210 ft of internally and externally coated 8″ steel water pipe in accordance with AWWA specifications
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson-VP of Business Development (201) 230-4686,
[email protected]

Martins Creek was significant to Carson & Roberts because the Marketing, Engineering and Operations cycle was completed in step with our client’s requirements. Southwestern Energy Company is a client of URS. URS reached out to Carson & Roberts Business Development which led to several site visits. The purpose of these site visits was to determine entrance and exit locations and drill path while considering right of way and geography restrictions. Soon it was appropriate to have Carson & Roberts VP of Engineering, Scott Murray take over and work directly with the consulting engineers to develop the best method to complete this project utilizing our expertise and specialized equipment resulting in a plan meeting Southwestern Energy’s expectations. At this point Dan Carson, President of Carson & Roberts, got involved and visited the site adjusting and confirming the best methods to complete the project. Finally, a formal bid process was undertaken and fortunately Carson & Roberts was awarded the project. Martins Creek Project’s obstacles were the restricted entrance and exit operation areas, large, layered shale formation which was counter directional to the drill path and steep elevation. Ground water was also problematic. Dan Carson stated, “It seemed like a horizontal water well… so much water was released off the mountain after our pilot hole was completed.” The excess water was dealt with as planned and reaming process began. The pipe was welded by Carson & Roberts Welding crew and pulled back with relative ease from the exit side through the shale, cobble and casing under the creek at the entrance hole. Jamie Coffman of URS stated, “Thanks for the solid, practical engineering, open and helpful communication, and skilled and knowledgeable field crew that Carson & Roberts provided to the Martins Creek HDD waterline project.”

For information detailing URS Corporation contact and capabilities information please refer to their website:

For information detailing Southwestern Energy’s importance to gas exploration and production in the region please refer to their website: http://www.swn.com/operations/Pages/marcellusshale.aspx