The Mighty Susquehanna River has a reputation for giving fits to Horizontal Directional Drilling contractors. Carson & Roberts has completed many river crossings and some of the more significant projects are the Red River on the Texas/Oklahoma border, the Shark River in New Jersey and the Susquehanna River in Oswego, New York. These projects give Carson & Roberts a wealth of knowledge when it comes to drilling a large river project. The US Army Corps of Engineers demands professional support to process and detail all aspects of a project under their authority. This was exactly the case with this Horizontal Directional Drilling project. Fortunately Carson & Roberts support staff is used to this increased scrutiny as our Site Division recently completed the US Army Corps of Engineers Motor Pool Relocation Project in West Point NY.

Installation Details and Project Summary

Owner: Towanda Municipal Authority, Towanda, PA, Wysox Borough, Wysox, PA
Engineering Authority: US Army Corps of Engineers USACE District, Baltimore, MD
Consulting Engineer: Stiffler, McCraw, Holidaysburg, PA
Project: Towanda-Wysox Waterline Extension Project
Location: Towanda Borough, Bradford County, PA
HDD Contractor: Carson & Roberts, Lafayette, NJ
Pipe Supplier: Lee Supply, Charleroi, PA
Pipe Size/Length: 1600′ of 14″ DR11 HDPE DIPS
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
Steering Contractor: Horizontal Technologies, Houston, TX

Carson Corporation Contact:

Bob Carson-VP of Business Development (201) 230-4686,
[email protected]

The Towanda-Wysox Waterline Extension project required Horizontal Directional Drilling under the mighty Susquehanna River. Towanda is on the western shore and Wysox begins on the eastern shore. The project began with casing being driven on the Towanda entrance side through the unstable shoreline and cobble. Casing was also driven in on the Wysox exit side as specified. 1600′ of DR11 14″ HDPE pipe was utilized for this project because the tight radius on the exit side tail string required its flexible attributes. Unstable cobble offered up by the river’s shorelines was no match for our American Auger DD1100. The drill was continued after boring through the changing conditions of clay and shale. This straightforward HDD was completed successfully and to the satisfaction of Towanda Municipal Authority, Wysox Borough and the US Army Corps of Engineers.