Carson Corporation’s Depth of Experience with Horizontal Directional Drill Installation is Key to Upgrading Reliable Power for Thousands of New Jersey Residents



36 inch carrier pipe, four 8 inch bundled conduits on casing spacers, sacrificial grout tubes, thermal grout application

Carson Corporation was selected to perform this work due in great measure to their depth of experience and successful track record with water crossings that include bundled electrical conduit of this scale.

This critically important substation upgrade was needed to provide residents of Stone Harbor and Avalon with additional electricity to handle current and future demands. What’s more, the underground installation was designed to protect from devastating power interruptions from severe weather like what was experienced with the high winds and the savage surf of Super Storm Sandy.


What made the success of this operation even more critical was that the current equipment had become obsolete. So in the event of a 23 kV underground line failure, the island would have an emergency overload of 46 percent. This would put Atlantic City Electric’s load at risk, and the power for thousands of New Jersey residents in jeopardy. A tight deadline loomed in order to prevent predicted summer normal rating overloads. At the end of the day, Carson delivered on time and on budget. The successfully completed project tripled transmission line capacity from 23,000 to 69,000 volts, vastly improving service and reliability for area residents.


One of the keys to Carson Corporation’s success starts with their planning. “Our engineering staff analyzes all available data, including geotechnical exploration results, alignments and right of way requirements,” comments Scott Murray, Vice President of Engineering for Carson Corporation.  “We feel this key, upfront thinking lays the groundwork for success for our clients and drives our category leadership.”


The project challenges were many, including:

  • Restricted timeframe
  • Aging utilities surrounding and dissecting worksite
  • Large obstruction in alignment

“Our team met the challenges head on, working long shifts through winter weather allowing Stone Harbor and Avalon residents to maximize peak season benefits,” comments Bob Carson, Vice President of Business Development, Carson Corporation.”

During the project, Carson utilized a gyro guidance system allowing for swift and easy set up and eliminating the need for physical wire line across the channel. What’s more, they had inspectors on site 24/7, partnering with local utility employees to help identify and locate utilities.

“Our engineered approach and hard work once again resulted in successful outcomes for all the stake holders…Stone Harbor and Avalon residents, Atlantic City Electric as well as their parent company PEPCO. Most importantly, we delivered on time and on budget,” remarks Bob Carson.

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