At Carson Corporation—Safety is The First Priority

Program Highlights

Our Environmental Health and Safety Program is directed by a full time Safety Manager who is an OSHA 500 certified trainer who also holds many other safety qualifications.
An Experience Modification Rate of .646, which is well below industry standard. This metric gauges past cost of injuries and future chances of risk. The lower the number the better.
All of our key personnel are OSHA 30 trained and certified.
Employee participation in daily safety meetings. Initial and ongoing training in many other disciplines of safety. Hundreds of employees have been trained thousands of hours.
Our safety committee meets frequently to review lessons learned, safety initiatives, changes in OSHA requirements, etc., to drive constant improvement.

Recent Awards

The 2016 NJSA safety award. This award is given to a company who has outstanding OSHA data.
The 2017 NJSA safety award
The 2018 NJSA safety award
The 2016 Raffles “Pacesetter” award. This award is given to a company that has had an outstanding safety achievement.
The 2017 Raffles “Pacesetter” award.